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Why You Should Remove Your Wisdom Teeth During Summer

Summertime is that blissful time of year when most people think of nothing but backyard barbecues, pool parties, and family vacations. While dental procedures may be the last thing you associate with this season, summer is a great time to have your procedures scheduled and performed. Let’s review reasons why this might be beneficial for […]

What to Know About Tooth Extraction

A mouth full of missing teeth is a fact of life for kids. Those gap-toothed smiles are as much a rite of passage as anything in the five to ten-year-old age group. But missing teeth is a real-world concern for adults, too. Adults should understand that losing a tooth is a real possibility, and there […]

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Each April we recognize Oral Cancer Awareness Month – a time to learn about this disease, support those with cancer, and advocate for a cure. Every sixty minutes someone in the U.S. will die from oral and pharyngeal cancer. Of those newly diagnosed with oral cancer, nearly 40% will die within the first five years. […]

How to Recover from Dental Implant Surgery

Your surgeon has given you the thumbs-up; your surgery is over and everything went well. And now, instead of dealing with painful and inconvenient complications that come with dental implants, you’re going to have a natural-looking smile that will boost your confidence levels and make you feel good again. By this point, you’ve likely had […]

Celebrate Dental Assistant Recognition All Month Long

Earlier this month, dental offices around the country celebrated Dental Assistant Recognition Week to honor the hard work that dental assistants put in every day. Dental assistants support dentists and oral surgeons, and often prepare patients for surgery or support extensive cleaning routines. Sometimes they take the lead role in routine cleanings, x-rays, and other […]

Understanding Each Type of Anesthesia

The medical community has made great strides in improving pain management practices over the past two hundred years. While dentists and doctors of the 1800s may have once prescribed opium, morphine, cocaine, heroin, and laudanum to numb the pain of surgery, today’s dental patients have much safer and legal options. There has never been a […]