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3 Easy Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Dental Visits

Scheduling an appointment with your dental provider isn’t enough. Here at our Philadelphia dental practice, we recommend that you become a proactive patient, that is you try to make the most out of your visits. A quick guide to becoming proactive is listed below!

1. Ask Questions!

So you’re quite shy in asking questions? It’s about time you brush off the timidness aside and ask away! We understand that there may be some dental terms or procedures that you find difficult to understand, asking questions would certainly help us make it more easier to communicate to our clients.

2. Do your homework.

Are you about to have your teeth filled? Or have your wisdom teeth extracted? It will really work to your advantage if you do a bit of research beforehand and figure out what will happen during the entire procedure. By doing so, you will be able to understand the rationale behind each step of the dental procedure you’re about to have.

3. Stay connected with us via social media.

While it could be quite difficult to get in touch with us through phone or email, consider staying connected with us via Facebook and Twitter. We regularly post our updates and promotions via social media. You can also leave us a private message!

Visit our clinics at the Holy Redeemer Hospital and Heritage Gateway Building now! Call  us at 215.938.7860 or 267.247.5489 for an initial consultation. You can also opt to fill out this appointment request form. We look forward to your visit!

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“Dr. Sock has really been a great help with an issue that has been significantly affecting my quality of life. Only wish he could help with all of the health issues I have. One of a kind doctor.”

- Philip O.

“I had 2 molars removed (17 & 18) and didn't feel a thing! Before I knew it, they were out! If I ever need oral surgery again there is no one else I will see. I would HIGHLY recommend him!”

- Jim R.

“I was extremely nervous about implant surgery. Thanks to Dr. Dachowski and his staff, my experience was definitely “two thumbs up”! I recommend this team very highly!.”

- B S.

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