What Is a Dental Emergency?

Pennsylvania Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Associates is available for dental emergency appointments during the COVID-19 situation. Read below to learn more about Dental Emergencies. Call our office for assistance or an appointment: Doylestown Office Phone Number (215) 938-7860.

A Dental Emergency Is:

  • Potentially life threatening and requires immediate treatment
  • Facial and/or neck swelling that can be seen inside the mouth and outside on the face that could potentially compromise your airway (from infection, trauma, or pathology)
  • Trauma involving facial bones potentially compromising your airway
  • Uncontrolled bleeding

Things to do at home

  • Hand hygiene
  • Respiratory etiquette
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Brush and floss daily

Things that are safe to wait on

Extractions of asymptomatic teeth, or teeth that do not bother you. If you develop any symptoms such as fever, facial swelling, pus (foul taste, foul odor), please call our office at Doylestown Office Phone Number (215) 938-7860.

Dental issues that will need attention in the next several months

  • Sensitivity/pain to hot/cold/sweet
  • Pain from wisdom teeth
  • Dental trauma resulting in tooth fracture, loosening, or loss
  • Dental extractions required prior to critical medical procedures
  • Biopsy of abnormal tissue

Our surgeons are available via telephone at Doylestown Office Phone Number (215) 938-7860. Please do not hesitate to call if you are experiencing:

  • Fever, facial swelling, or pus (foul taste, foul odor)
  • Gum swelling from a bad tooth

If you do need an emergency appointment, please prepare by reading our COVID-19 and Dentistry page.