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So You’re Travelling? Have Your Dental First Aid Kit Handy!

There are certainly a lot of things which could make a dream vacation into a nightmare, one of which include dental problems such as a bad toothache, a lost filling, or a knocked out tooth. Now, if you only had your dental first aid kit with you. The Pennsylvania Dental implant and Oral Surgery team recommends the following dental first aid kit essentials, including tips on what to do when you find yourself stuck in a dental emergency.

Deconstructing Your Dental First Aid Kit

An ideal dental first aid kit has the following components:

  • Floss – you are thinking of taking one with you anyway? Flossing is perhaps one of the most overlooked dental habits which could make a huge impact to your overall oral health.

  • Pain Relievers – for those sudden case of bad toothache, topical and oral pain relievers may just save the day (or maybe night!)

  • Mouthguards – a mouthguard would really come in handy if you plan to engage in moderate to extreme sports and physical activities while going out on a vacation. This simple yet very effective device would prevent your teeth from chipping off or knocking out.

  • Orthodontic Wax – this is quite useful for individuals with braces. An orthodontic wax helps prevent and relieve irritation brought about by braces and other orthodontic materials.

  • Sugarless Gum – who would have known that you can use gums to temporarily fill in lost fillings and stop other things (like food particles!) to fill in the gap.

Quick Dental Emergency Tips

1. Aside from pain relievers, a bad toothache could be relieved through rinsing the mouth with warm saline water. For swelling, applying ice packs may help relieve the swelling. Keep in mind that chronic toothache may signify other serious oral health problems hence the need to see Dr. Dachowski as soon as you can.

2. Lost fillings could be temporarily filled with sugarless gums as instructed above.

3. Knocked out, broken, or chipped teeth could be placed in salt water or milk while you seek medical care as soon as you can to have the teeth put back to its position. Put sterile gauze into the bleeding area.

Visiting Your Dentist Before Travelling

It is important that you pay us a visit before heading off for vacation or travel so we can check your teeth’s current state.  Visit our clinics at the Holy Redeemer Hospital and Heritage Gateway Building now!  Call  us at 215.938.7860 or 267.247.5489 for an initial consultation. You can also opt to fill out this appointment request form. We look forward to your visit!

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