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Wisdom Teeth Removal

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What if I don’t have my wisdom teeth removed as a teenager or young adult?

As wisdom teeth develop, the roots become longer and the jaw bone more dense. When it is necessary to remove impacted wisdom teeth in your thirties, forties or beyond, the post-operative course can be prolonged and there is a higher complication rate. Treating these complications is often more difficult and less predictable than with a younger patient. Healing may be slower and the chance of infection can be increased. If your impacted wisdom teeth are not removed in your teenage years or early in your twenties and they are completely impacted in bone, it may be advisable to wait until a localized problem (such as cyst formation or localized gum disease and bone loss) develops. In general, you will heal faster, more predictably and have fewer complications if treated in your teens or early twenties.

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Patient Review By Kevyn S

Dr Lin was great and the staff were great also would definitely recommend them to anyone they were all very friendly and helpful.

- Kevyn S

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Patient Review By Frederick G

On my initial consult in August, Dr. Sock reviewed the condition of the root of my tooth (#22) which was decaying below the gum line, and confirmed my dentist's conclusion that a root canal was…

- Frederick G

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Patient Review By Charlotte G

I was a trauma patient that some how fell on my face in the shower. Dr. Daly's office was able to get me right in the same day and were able to save all 4…

- Charlotte G

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When It Comes to Removing Wisdom Teeth, Trust Your Care to the Experts.

Wisdom tooth removal is an important step in a teenager or young adult's journey to maintaining oral health. Why risk going to anyone less qualified? Pennsylvania Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Associates has the expertise & advanced training to make wisdom teeth removal go as smoothly as possible.

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